Every Second Counts, LLC Child Safety and Identification Products
"Thank you again for all your help getting setup with our kits, looking forward to putting them to good use!" - Linwood, NJ Police Dept.

"We are very happy with it. Thank you very much for your help." - Cumberland County, ME Sheriff's Office

"Great thank you for all your help!" - Franklin Township, PA Police Dept.

"Thank you for all your help!" - Summit, IL Police Dept.

"Thank you for being a resource for us to provide this service to our community." - Elizabethtown, PA Police Dept.

"We got the kits and the Chief loves them." - South Salt Lake City, UT Police Dept.

"This would be a great addition to our community policing program." - Union Beach, NJ Police Dept.

"Thank you Mike! They look awesome!!" Compass Academy Charter School, NJ