Every Second Counts, LLC Child Safety and Identification Products

Every Second Counts, LLC, a company started by my wife and I, was created to raise child safety awareness and develop products to aid parents in protecting their children. When we had our first child, we began to realize all the important small details that people may take for granted in keeping a child safe. With our second child, it just solidified how we felt. This is the very reason why we offer child safety tips with our products in the hope that parents make these tips a part of their daily lives with their children and never have the unfortunate event of utilizing the Child Identification Booklet with authorities.


The goal for Every Second Counts, LLC is to continue to partner with organizations that will assist in raising awareness for the safety of children as well as reaching out to the moms, dads, teachers, and others that play a major role in the lives of children. We will continue to update our story with major milestones and accomplishments.